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The Science of Prophecy

Isaiah 55:10-11 is an illustration of how God's Word works and a reminder to us that it is literally impossible for God's word to return back to Him void. It not only has to accomplish the assignment that it was given but has to prosper where it was sent.

How Prophecy Works

The Greek transliteration of the word "Prosper" means to push forward. This means that the character of God's Word, by it's very nature, has to go forward. When you speak God's Word, it can't go back, it can't stand still but it has to go forward. If you don't remember anything else I tell you today, you have to remember that the Word (God's Word) is always active. When spoken, it immediately goes to work and doesn't stop until what it was assigned to do is done.

The Timing of Prophecy

That's the first point I needed to make. The second is the time frame when The Word is actually accomplished. According to Isaiah 55:10 it is accomplished in either two sets of time frames. The first time frame is immediately, "as rain" immediately penetrates the earth or the second is in due season, "as snow" becomes relevant and produces growth in the next season (i.e. spring).

God is telling me I need to explain due season prophecy fulfillment. There will be times that you will speak something according to God's Word and it will not happen immediately "as rain" but it will go into effect in due season. Why? Because of what the scripture says in Ecclesiastes 3:1-11, everything has a time and a season. Even Jesus understood this when he told his mother his time had not come when she wanted him to turn the water to wine (John 2:11) and when he told the people not to say anything after he healed the man who was deaf with a speech impediment (Mark 7:36). We learn from this that just because something is good and a blessing and pleasing to have doesn't mean it's for us to have or for others to have now in this season. If you are a parent and have a child, of course you will want them to drive their own car but not before they are ready. Or even simpler, of course you would want them to enjoy dessert, but not before dinner. This is the way God thinks and this is what you need to know about the timing of prophecy. Prophesy can only to operate within the constraints of God's word (this means you have to study) and it can only happen according to God's perfect timing (this means you need to understand spiritual seasons).

Time to kill a demon. Because at this point somebody already feels defeated when I said spiritual seasons.

Understanding Spiritual Seasons

I don't want to over spiritualize things. Meaning, I don't want to make things complicated, my anointing lye's in the simple so I need to keep things as simple for you as possible. Spiritual seasons isn't something that you have to take a lifetime to understand. To be aware of spiritual seasons all you have to do is pay attention. Pay attention to the messages on Sunday and take notes, pay attention to what God is saying to you in your personal prayer life and devotional life with key emphasis on prayer. God is a big communicator and loves talk. He likes to tell you about yourself and especially likes to tell you what he's going to do. If you feel like this is still not enough and you may have trouble interpreting what God is saying to you, seek counseling from your Pastor. Your Pastor is there to give you direction and to let you know what God is or is not saying to you. When you become convicted and confirmed in your spirit: the Word spoken on Sunday confirms it, your prayer with God confirms it, your devotion confirms it and counseling with your Pastor confirms it (eventually you won't need so much confirmation because your relationship will grow to knowing the voice of God and hearing him clearly), you can then begin to prophesy with conviction and see your prophecy come to pass either immediately or in due season.

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