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Our journey began over two decades ago as Deliverance Temple Ministries under the steadfast leadership of Dr. Medley in Baltimore, Maryland. Through divine guidance, we've been led to new horizons in Georgia, where we now proudly serve the communities of Manchester and Eastman.

At Abundant Life Christian Church, we stand firm in the belief that the Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God. We embrace the timeless truth of the Holy Trinity – one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Central to our faith is the profound understanding of Jesus Christ's deity, His miraculous birth through the virgin Mary, and the promise of salvation for all who declare Him as Lord and believe in their hearts.


Abundant Life Christian Church is more than just a place of worship. We offer a variety of services and events to help you connect with others in the community and grow in your faith. We provide social events, educational opportunities and counseling to help you live your life to the fullest.

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Social Events

In addition to Worship Services, we plan events intended to encourage fellowship between others. 

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Educational services include group bible studies for all ages, leadership training, and five-fold ministry training. 

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Individual, family, pre-marital and marital Christian counseling is provided at ALCC.

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All Services are available on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 573 265 6100, Passcode: U9F5a4


SUN @ 10 AM

Manchester Campus -

14 Johnson Avenue,

Manchester, GA 31816


SUN @ 3 PM

Eastman Campus

212 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.,

Eastman, GA 31023

TUE @ 12 & 8 pm

Corporate Prayer (via Zoom)

WED @ 7 pm

Group Bible Study (via Zoom)


Dr. Tony E. Medley Sr.

Dr. Tony E. Medley Sr. is passionate about living for God. He is determined to teach others that there is more to the Christian walk than just getting to heaven and wants to show others how to live a more abundant life here on earth. His unique style includes teaching the Word in its original transliteration, helping others to study and hear God's voice for themselves.

By being innovative and thinking outside the box he is able to effectively reach new audiences. A man after God's own heart, and called to begin ministry in Georgia, Dr. Medley is committed and dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ. He will not stop until you know who Jesus is and how He can transform your ordinary life into extraordinary living.

Dr. Tony E. Medley, Sr., Senior Pastor

Abundant Life Christian Church

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