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Healing Power

The healing power of God never Fails.

I wasn’t going to say anything but God!

Over the years God has used me to lay hands on the sick and they have fully recovered.

I have not been feeling too good over the past couple of days. My symptoms have been COVID like and I am getting another test tomorrow. I took one before to get access to an appointment and was negative. But most recently, I was experiencing several symptoms. The most troubling was that I was having difficulty breathing and having rattling in my chest.

I perceived the Spirit of the Lord saying Flow in the Anointing given to you.

Over the years I’ve learned to trust God unconditionally in everything. So I laid my hand on my chest and spoke to my condition, pled the Blood of Jesus, and every stripe He took for my healing.

Not trying to be gross but instantly I started coughing up everything that was in my body. Immediately my breathing was restored!

I am praising God with all that is within me! Still using wisdom, isolating, getting tested, and taking meds etc. But my God is faithful in all His ways.

The Anointing!!!!!!!!!!!

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