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Prophetic Warning!

Written on September 27, 2020


I pray that people wake up!!! We are in the last days. The level of demonic activity of the last few years is at its highest levels. I know the enemy will try to attack me for posting this but I have no fear. Demons are destroying families, causing called and anointed people to die before their time, and attacking the character of the anointed at high levels.

You must be in prayer, don’t be oblivious to witchcraft and demonic influence and control. Be watchful and don’t take everything for face value. Try the spirit, discern the spirit, and rebuke demonic activity.

The demons today are hidden in humanity. What this means is they dress up in what you are familiar with and adore. You will hear God say to you in the near future “Don’t Look”. At that moment don’t look as a normal person would but look through the eyes of God and He will show you.

Do not be afraid of what you see and do not dismiss the person in which you see it. It is not the person that is your enemy but the demon. The truth is we win this battle but not by playing Church and being nice. You have to violently take back what has been stolen by force.

Remember how you use to pray, cry, fast, and plead the blood of Jesus.

However you have been desensitized by forms of godliness with no power. The Church of our Lord Jesus must wage war NOW!!! This is bigger than a denomination or spiritual reputation or popularity. Too much is at stake!!!! Another revival, conference, or watered down political prayer isn’t enough.

Pick up your Full Armor NOW and Fight. Stop having to be reminded. Stop needing to be encouraged. Stop making excuses. It’s now or never!!!!!!!!

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