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Seed Time & Harvest

Everything God made was created to reproduce in some way. Anything that does not reproduce is cursed, cut off and left to die (Mark 11:13-14; 20-21)

One good litmus test of whether or not anything is working in your life (whether it be relationships or a major career decision) is to evaluate the quality of the fruit it produces (good or bad) (Matthew 7:17-18).

God is a huge supporter and a big executor of seed time and harvest (Matthew 9:38). We see this physically in the world through gardening, saving or baking. It is important to remember this in your own walk with God so that you don't become discouraged. Every season you encounter only comes for the purpose of causing divine growth.

Spiritual Conception.

To conceptualize what happens spiritually, think about the stages of pregnancy, from intercourse to impregnation to conception. God speaks a Word to you through a vision or a dream, sometimes on the altar or through the Word preached on Sunday, or through personal bible study or private prayer. After the Word is spoken over you, it immediately begins to work in your life causing you to go though, spiritually, what a pregnant woman goes through physically. Why? Because before the Word can be birthed in your life you have to be ready to develop and nurture it's promising effects until it is full grown or it has fully matured in your life.

In order for you to be ready you, just as a woman who's body goes through changes in the different stages of her pregnancy, must be spiritually developed. You are tried and tested in order to receive the Word spoken over you. This is why you experience tribulation sometimes right after a "spiritual high" or personal encounter with God.

The most challenging part of your spiritual development comes at the end of your trimester when you are just about to give birth. At this point you feel like giving up like throwing in the towel, but it is God who coaches you through it as a husband who coaches his wife to push though the pain. Spiritually you have to push, implementing everything that you learned during your spiritual pregnancy no matter how hard it may be to do this. Everything you learned is put to the test. And at the right time and at the right season the Word that was spoken in you is birthed forth and you are catapulted into your next level (Romans 8:18).

This is one spiritual cycle that everyone needs to know and understand because when this cycle ends it starts all over again (Genesis 8:22). It continues until you have fulfilled your God given purpose and/or you become the exact image of Christ.

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