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Your Real Pastor Needs You

Most pastors spend at least 10 to 18 hours preparing sermons and double that for Bible Study. So that’s another 10 to 18 hours totaling 20 to 36 hours just preparing for one week.

Most try to prepare weeks in advance. This does not even begin to consider prayer time, visitation, church business review and planning. Then try to find time to preserve your own soul with personal devotion time. This is why I have no time for unappreciative people who want to judge you, leave you, or use you!!

If this convicts you it should.

Pray for your pastor: the only one that is responsible for your spiritual well being. They are not perfect but they are genuine. Look at how many people haven’t passed the test of time because they didn’t feel recognized enough or considered important enough but your humble pastor was still there carrying the blood stained banner on your behalf.

Most pastors don’t make enough money or have to work another job on top of hours in ministry to make ends meet. They are expected to look good and live good on crumbs but don’t look and live too good because then you are probably crooked in some way.

This year do more for your real pastor. I’m not talking about the one you ran to when the real one you had been bruised, battered, and struggling. Rather the one that gave you everything in them to help you grow into the wonderful person you have become. Call them, help them, give them money, take things off their plate, stay with them and even if you must forgive them.

This "I was called to them for a season" stuff is a lie from the pit of hell. If they are your pastor you will always be connected to them in ministry. COVID is an awakening!!! Everything in this message you have been considering and God is confirming. The time for healing and reconciliation has arrived. God is ready to release miracles. The devil thought he could shut down the Church and destroy your pastor and kill your faith. But we all have survived and have been preserved for better.

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