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Residential & Commercial Certified Inspection Services

Feel confident about the structural integrity of your home.

Providing Affordable Residential & Commercial Certified Inspections throughout Georgia.

Discover Hidden Problems

Our modern, professional home inspecting equipment can detect insulation, wood-rot, and other problems.

Gain leverage for Bargaining

Gain insight to negotiate a lower price or have the seller agree to fix the problem at his expense. Your choice!

Plan for Future Expenses

 Your home inspection report could serve as a guide to scheduling and planning future repairs.

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Offering 22+ Years of Experience

In the Following Certifications

Certified Hazardous Waste Operation Instruction

Certified Sediment & Erosion Inspector

Safety Inspector (Certificate)

OSHA Basic Electrical Principles - 203 (Certificate)

OSHA Collateral Duty for other Federal Agencies - 600A (Certificate)

OSHA Construction Standards - 200A (Certificate)

OSHA Intro to Industrial Hygiene for Safety Personnel (Certificate)

OSHA Occupational SAfety and Health Course for other Fedearl Agencies - 601J (Certificate)

OSHA Crane Safety and Inspection (Certificate)

DOL Safety/Health Conference 2001 (Certificate)

DOL Safety/Health Conference 2002 (Certificate)
MOSH Construction Site Safety - Scaffolding (Certificate)

MOSH Workplace Hazard Assessment (Certificate)

MOSH Applied Weldiing Principles (Certificate)

MOSH Blood borne Pathogens (Certificate)

MOSH Construction Site Safety (Certificate)

MOSH Roofing & Framing Fall Protection (Certificate)

Office Hours

Mon - Fri (9am - 5pm)

Inspection Hours:

Mon - Tues & Thurs - Fri (5 pm - 8 pm)

Saturday (9 am -  8 pm)

Sunday: Closed

Trustworthy Home Inspections

by Training Man Services, LLC

T: (404) 983-2293 | E:

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