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"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with a voice of the archangel, and with a trump of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first." - 1 Thess 4:16

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We are here to listen and support you and your family through this difficult time.  We offer a range of personalized services to suit your family’s wishes and requirements.  You can count on us to help you plan a personal, lasting tribute to your loved one.  And we’ll carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this challenging time.

About Us

purpose of a funeral

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We believe that a funeral service is for the living intended to comfort those who mourn with the only thing that really can comfort them in their time of grief, the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news that through faith in Jesus Christ we have gained eternal life, and when this world comes to an end the bodies of all those who have died in the faith will be raised so that together we will all spend eternity with our Lord. This is why a Christian funeral will not focus so much on the life of the person we mourn but on the new life they have been given in Christ; the new life they now enjoy in paradise.

purpose of a funeral home

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While the church will take care of spiritual matters, the funeral home takes care of logistical matters (the transporting of the body, cremation, taking the family to the gravesite, etc.). Funeral directors are very professional and it is in their best interest that you are pleased with the service they offer. Caskets and urns are usually purchased from the funeral home. 

purpose of a church

The church can also be used for fellowship following the funeral. The basement isavailable for lunches and the church’s Board of Parish Fellowship often makes themselves available to prepare and serve a lunch. The Scripture readings, the hymns the sermon, and the liturgy of the Christian funeral will all point to the salvation God has granted us. The pastor will ensure that this happens in a Christian funeral.


As mentioned under Purpose of a Funeral, the funeral is meant to point to God and the new life He gives us in heaven. Strictly speaking, a eulogy has no place in a Christian funeral because, by their very nature, they turn the focus to the life of the  departed one. Some options for the eulogy is to print it on the back of the bulletin, or have it read later during the lunch. If the family insists that it be read for the service then it is to be
read immediately after the casket has been brought into the nave and before the invocation (“In the name of the Father…”)



The Bible does not speak against cremation. In the past the church discouraged cremation, but that was because cremation was a pagan practice and used by those who didn’t want their bodies resurrected.

Over the years the reasons for cremation have changed. Furthermore we recognize that God is all-powerful and can raise and restore a body no matter what condition it is in. Therefore cremation is a cost-effective way for the Christian to be buried.

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A Guide for the Family

This FREE downloadable Funeral Planning Packet is intended to serve as a guide for you and your family as you begin to plan for the funeral. This document includes the following: Funeral Planning Guide, What to Do When Someone Dies - Checklist, Forms to Complete After A Person Dies, Funeral Planning Checklist & A Sample Funeral Service Outline.

This packet can be used as a way to convey your wishes when you pass away or can be used as a way to organize your thoughts as you begin plan for the passing of a loved one.

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